With the Banking industry in a state of flux and competition more aggressive, optimizing commercial and consumer loan operations is becoming increasingly difficult. What’s more with regulatory compliance, fraud and the recent news of financial reporting abuses, it’s even more critical for your organization to find the newest strategies and perspectives to counter these challenges and achieve optimal performance in your loan operations area.

There is no better way to learn solutions and get the information you need than by attending the 14th Annual BAI National Loan Operations Conference, designed specifically for loan operations professionals who are serious about improving service quality, productivity and organizational profitability.

ProcessArc, Inc have been selected as speakers on the application of Six Sigma to reducing cost and improving service levels in loan operations.

Case Study: Implementing Six Sigma to Reduce Operational Cost and Improve Service Excellence
Lou Hafkin, Director of Operations, Business Loan Express
Sheila Shaffie, Principal, ProcessArc, Inc.

  • Converting the sunk costs of Sarbanes-Oxley into an ROI via productivity improvements
  • Ensuring sustainable growth through robust engineering and scalable processes
  • Achieving a higher level of customer service
  • Identifying optimal areas for applying the methodology to reap expected benefits
  • Providing options for implementation strategy