Milwaukee. June 25, 2008.  The American Society for Quality (ASQ), the world’s leading membership organization devoted to Quality, is sponsoring several ProcessArc case studies in 2008.  “We have had a lot of success in applying our proprietary Financial Services Six Sigma platform to client projects.  We want to share these wins with other practitioners in the sector.  This will help project execution, spur discussion and prove that with the right tool usage, training and discipline, the results of deployment can be in the millions” said S. Shaffie, Principal and co-founder of ProcessArc.

The first case study titled “Improved Response Time Increase Revenue for Global Lender” is focused on how an organization identified a key driver to revenue losses and implemented process changes to recover over $20 million. Future financial services case studies will focus on reducing operating cost while improving service levels at a national bank, minimizing losses in delinquency and streamlining core back office processes at a global brokerage firm.