Process Architecture is at the Core of Business Transformation

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Would you ever build a house that would make a substantial dent into your savings without a blueprint?  Of course not.  That is like saying you want to pursue a multi-year digital transformation initiative without having the process architecture blueprint developed.   I am not talking about system architecture or IT infrastructure – those are equivalent to electricians and plumbers in …

Process and RPA – The Must Haves

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Watch our 20 min presentation where we will discuss: Where RPA fits into the automation agenda Success requirements at a tactical level ProcessArc’s framework for RPA implementation

30-50% of RPA Projects Fail – Here is How to Get RPA Ready

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Conceptually it sounds simple – let’s take a part of a process that is manual and apply algorithms to automate it.  It is about creation of a virtual workforce.  Its goal is to reduce operational expenses of a highly manual process by 20-40% within a year of implementation without changing systems.  By definition it is disruptive and at the same …

Digital Transformation – Re-imagination of Wire Transfer in 3 Days

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Over time we learn to accept things, our baselines shift.  That also holds true for the performance of business transactions from the very simple to the very complex.  And there are 100s of transactions in organizations.  This is the story of a common one – wire transfers.  The acceptance of a process’s performance, allows for inefficiency to persist, draining an …

Key Elements of Good Client Experience

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Simplicity, Visibility and Empowerment are three of the key elements impacting client experience.  Simplicity sits at the core.  Clients refer to it as “easy to do business with”.  Concepts of straight-through processing, frictionless processes, intuitive interface and real-time response rely on simplicity.  By definition, simplicity forces an organization to be focused on what is absolutely necessary to complete a client …

Technology Disruption & Small Business Credit

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Here are some basic numbers: In 2014 alternative lenders originated around $12 billion of loans of which $5 billion were small business loans (yes it is a small fraction of the overall loans). Over 25% of small businesses will consider using alternative lenders that is thanks to technology disruptors in the banking sector. Over 20% of small businesses consider the …

Mobivores…They Are Here

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Mobile-only users = Mobivores. These are not the same people who visit branches, care for in-person interactions, want paper statements or forms or access online banking using laptops.   They only care about what is available on mobile channels. Any dependencies and entanglement with other channels (including online banking accessed through laptops/PCs) will most likely not meet their needs. Think frictionless …

ProcessArc Announces the Appointment of Dr. Ray Bandziulis to its Advisory Board

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Milwaukee, December, 2012. ProcessArc is pleased to announce the appointment of Dr. Ray Bandziulis to its Advisory Board. Dr. Bandziulis has over two decades of experience as a quality and regulatory professional in progressively responsible quality systems, R&D management, and business development roles in the biotechnology and in vitro diagnostic industries. He has demonstrated the ability to implement and maintain …

ProcessArc Announces Partnership with Compliance Online

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October, 2012 ProcessArc is proud to announce a partnership with Compliance Online. In October, 2012 the two organizations entered into an agreement to work collaboratively and enhance the training material being offered to professionals in the life sciences and bio-tech world. Compliance Online are the leading training portal for all matters related to compliance irrespective of industry. We, at ProcessArc …