The McGraw-Hill 36-Hour Course: Lean Six Sigma

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The Lean Six Sigma book authored by the cofounders of ProcessArc, Inc. has been published by McGraw Hill, a leading global financial information and education company that helps professionals and students succeed in the Knowledge Economy. The McGraw-Hill 36-Hour Course: Lean Six Sigma book is aimed at educating managers and senior level executives on the components of launching a Lean Six Sigma initiative.

ProcessArc’s Team has been Selected as Speakers for the Upcoming 2011 ASQ Lean and Six Sigma Conference.

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Milwaukee. February, 2011. ProcessArc’s team has been selected as speakers for the upcoming 2011 ASQ Lean and Six Sigma Conference.  This year’s conference focused on Enhancing The Customer Experience using Lean [...]

Webinar: Lean Six Sigma – Demystifying Quality Management for Healthcare.

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Lean Six Sigma: Demystifying Quality Management for Healthcare. ProcessArc in partnership with RSM McGladrey, the 5th largest accounting, tax and business consulting organization nationwide, has created a webcast on the application of Lean Six Sigma to the Healthcare Sector. To download or view the webcast please click here.

ProcessArc Announced Today That Their First Collaborative Seminar with MSOE’s Business Excellence Consortium has been Confirmed for 11 March, 2010.

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Milwaukee. January, 2010. The seminar will be targeted for financial services executives and will focus on topics pertaining to launching and sustaining a six sigma initiative.  For more information and registration [...]

ProcessArc Co-Founders Sheila Shaffie and Shahbaz Shahbazi Have Signed a Contract with McGraw-Hill Publications to Author a Book Covering the Topic of Lean Six Sigma.

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Milwaukee. January, 2010. The title of the book will be – McGraw-Hill 36 Hour Course: Lean Six Sigma. The book will provide look into two popular problem solving methodologies being espoused by organizations [...]

The Milwaukee School of Engineering (MSOE) Through Its Business Excellence Consortium (BEC) Has Entered Into an Agreement with ProcessArc Inc for the Provision of Sector Specific Lean Six Sigma Training.

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Milwaukee. November, 2009. The agreement establishes ProcessArc as the single provider of Financial Services Six Sigma training and consulting services for partners of the University and the BEC. About the BEC [...]

ProcessArc Co-Founder Sheila Shaffie Has Been Given an Adjunct Professor Position at the Rader School of Business

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Milwaukee. August, 2009. Milwaukee School of Engineering. Sheila will teach Lean Six Sigma and how it has been applied by a variety of organizations around the globe. About MSOE MSOE is [...]