The Milwaukee School of Engineering (MSOE) Through Its Business Excellence Consortium (BEC) Has Entered Into an Agreement with ProcessArc Inc for the Provision of Sector Specific Lean Six Sigma Training.

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Milwaukee. November, 2009. The agreement establishes ProcessArc as the single provider of Financial Services Six Sigma training and consulting services for partners of the University and the BEC. About the BEC [...]

ProcessArc Co-Founder Sheila Shaffie Has Been Given an Adjunct Professor Position at the Rader School of Business

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Milwaukee. August, 2009. Milwaukee School of Engineering. Sheila will teach Lean Six Sigma and how it has been applied by a variety of organizations around the globe. About MSOE MSOE is [...]

The Illinois Bankers Association has invited ProcessArc cofounders to their Annual Conference in Keystone, Colorado.

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Sheila Shaffie and Shahbaz Shahbazi will lead a talk concerning Six Sigma and its adoption within the banking sector. Milwaukee - May 21, 2007 The Illinois Bankers Association (IBA) will hold [...]

ProcessArc enters agreement with the University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee to provide financial services Six Sigma training and certification

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Milwaukee. May 4, 2006. ProcessArc, Inc., a Financial Services Six Sigma consulting firm, has entered into an agreement with the University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee, School of Continuing Education to provide [...]