Milwaukee. March 18, 2006. ProcessArc, Inc., a Financial Services Six Sigma consulting firm, has been engaged to complete process improvement projects for Milwaukee-based Guaranty Bank.

According to Sheila Shaffie, ProcessArc co-founder, “Our guaranteed process is designed to help banks improve services while streamlining costs to remain competitive in an increasingly tight market.”

Through this engagement Guaranty Bank is focusing on enhancing its Retail operations processes, systems and growth plans. Additionally, Guaranty Bank will train and certify staff in the Six Sigma methodology utilizing ProcessArc’s proprietary Financial Services Six Sigma platform. The project is scheduled to begin immediately.

ProcessArc provides Financial Services organizations with a process improvement platform that focuses on streamlining business processes. The firm leverages Six Sigma and Lean methodologies to deliver cost and process risk reduction while increasing revenue. Visit

Guaranty Bank was founded in 1923 and has strong roots as a community bank based in Southeastern Wisconsin with over 150 branches in four states.