Course Duration: 2 Days

Learn How To:

  • Identify and Assess Where you may have Opportunity
  • Prepare Requirements – Lay the Groundwork for Success
  • Conduct the Kaizen/Event
  • Present the Results
  • Ensure implementation of action plans
Program Overview
This is all about implementing meaningful solutions with speed.  GE’s Work-Out process created in 1988 as part of the ongoing drive for better productivity and efficiency, has been applied by companies world-wide. The aptly named GE Work-Out process involves identifying an area in need of improvement and bringing people together from all sides of the process (design, marketing, production, sales, etc.) to identify a better/more speedy path. The output/recommendations are tied to action plans that, if approved by leadership, will be implemented within 90 days.

Work-Out events are an effective process for introducing rapid change into your organization by utilizing the ideas and motivation of the people who do the actual work.  The event increases morale and excellence by empowering employees to drive improvements.

In the two-day session you will learn how to plan and conduct a Work-Out; identify the bottlenecks constraining your organization; motivate and utilize the intellectual strength of the people who will lead and implement the necessary changes for success.

A Successful Work-Out Will Result In:

  • Reduced process cycle time by eliminating non-value add work
  • Increased capacity by streamlining and simplifying processes
  • Improved service level>
  • An empowered workforce