You may have already embarked on a Lean Six Sigma endeavor, but are not sure if you are realizing all of its benefits. Our Healthcare Lean Six Sigma Coaches can you help you.

Coaches, otherwise known as Master Black Belts, are the guarantee seal for your Lean Six Sigma endeavor.  They know the tools, pitfalls, and the required sequence of events to ensure project success.  They operate in the world of Lean Six Sigma day-in and day-out globally.  Leverage their skills to ensure your success.

Master Black Belts are the experts and their coaching of Black Belts and Green Belts will ensure a complete knowledge transfer from us to you.  Benefits of engaging one of our experts include:

Development of Lean Six Sigma project management skills
Mitigation of all risks associated with project execution
Project execution momentum – ensuring that financial benefits are realized in a timely manner
Appropriate and effective usage of the Six Sigma and LEAN tools
A clear, step-by-step, roadmap to project execution

The coaching module is designed to compliment the Healthcare Lean Six Sigma Training. The trainees will greatly benefits from this hands-on approach and mentoring.  We will customize the extent and frequency of our coaching to meet your needs.  Please contact us to discuss this option.