Investigation and diagnostics of existing processes that hamper customer experience and showing the way forward

Process architecture is at the centre point of technology, human capital utilization and the voice of your customer. We use it to diagnose weaknesses in existing processes and to design the future-state roadmap.

You are only as good as your weakest process.

Map out your client journey and determine how well you are meeting their expectations at every interface. Design business processes that simplify interactions. Most business challenges stem from – not the performance of your employees – but the processes and technology on which they rely to complete their daily tasks. As organizations grow, the processes that comprise that organization begin to experience breakdowns. Your clients will mostly remember their bad experiences. You are only as good as your weakest process. ProcessArc’s team has earned their stripes working in various industries with one common outcome: efficient, optimized processes that answer the needs of customers.

The deployment of an effective business transformation initiative with measurable financial benefits: We rely on our propriety Lean Six Sigma platform developed for the financial services sector to deliver results. With over 450 projects successfully completed, and $300 million in financial benefits, our team of GE certified Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belts can develop the right business transformation strategy for your firm. From candidate selection to education of executives to training Green Belts/Black Belts to project selection, we will help mitigate implementation risk. Our ultimate goal, through coaching & mentoring, is to leave behind a team of effective problem solvers and change agents to deliver continued benefits.

Delivering an actionable road-map to overcoming business critical issues. The basic premise of Kaizen is that the best solutions come from resident knowledge of employees. A good Kaizen facilitator knows how to extract that knowledge and address the root cause of problems. Our Toyota Lean certified facilitators will ensure your team is successful: by taking an organization from the identification of a business-critical issue to making certain that after a 2-5 day Kaizen session you walk out with an approved and tangible action plan. Critically, this roadmap specifies action items, expected benefits, timing & owners.

Going beyond the financials to identify processes, products & services that ensure maximum ROI. In partnership with PE firms our team has two goals – In the due diligence phase we assess processes, products, services and customer feedback to help validate the numbers in the financial statements. In the post purchase phase we improve the performance of the firm’s value chain, ensuring maximum ROI. The objective of PE is to increase the value of their portfolio companies and given ProcessArc’s track record of helping companies, the synergy is most obvious.

Converting the voice of customer into financial gains. All companies collect VOC in one form or another. Collecting the data through the multitude of channels is just one step in an increasingly complex process of analytics. What your firm does with the collected information (if anything, beyond the simple good vs. bad, late vs. early analysis) will justify if the effort was worth it. At ProcessArc, we develop the data collection strategy, collect the data and complete the analytics by developing predictive models that take the guess work out of your data findings.