Milwaukee. November, 2009. The agreement establishes ProcessArc as the single provider of Financial Services Six Sigma training and consulting services for partners of the University and the BEC.

About the BEC
The Business Excellence Consortium (BEC) is the Milwaukee School of Engineering’s center for business solutions. We engage with organizations to provide:

  • Executive leadership support that includes identifying corporate-wide initiatives that can bring about improved performance and assisting senior management in their leadership roles
  • Operational support that includes deploying resources to implement initiatives
  • Individual support that provides the knowledge, skills and ability to sustain the initiatives
  • Networking support that brings companies together to exchange ideas and practices in their quest for solutions to business issues.

By combining the BEC’s experience with best practices and MSOE’s established real-world approach to education, the BEC is able to deliver what few can – the transfer of knowledge that enables organizations to sustain their organization-wide solutions.