Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Essentials

Course DurationOne Week

Learn How To:

  • Manage your area with data and facts
  • Leverage LEAN tools:
    • To increase process speed
    • Create standard processes
  • Identify critical customer quality issues
  • Support Black Belts in executing complex projects

Financial Benefits:
Projects of Green Belts who successfully complete ProcessArc’s propriety training typically exceeds $100,000.

Program Overview
Lean Six Sigma Green Belts are functional-area experts who provide support as team members to Black Belts.  While Green Belts start off in a support role, over time they will execute smaller-size, functional-area-specific projects.  Green Belt training focuses on Lean Six Sigma fundamentals but has a larger focus on LEAN principles.  As functional experts, Green Belts mainly focus on standardizing key processes, reducing service cycle time and improving general process efficiencies which require a more in-depth knowledge of LEAN tools.

Training Process
Our process guides the Green Belt project to results that impact the bottom line. The course is one week in duration. Prior to class beginning, our instructors work with Green Belt candidates to select an appropriate project. Post training a comprehension test is provided to ensure that all gaps in knowledge have been resolved. The Green Belts are then expected to successfully complete their projects.

Course Objectives

  • Understand the Lean & Six Sigma principles
  • Gain the required technical knowledge to:
    • Support Black Belts
    • Increase the knowledge of co-workers in the methodology
  • Quickly identify improvements in day-to-day work

Who Should Attend?
Green Belts generally have functional roles within the organization. They are experts in their domain.  While they may not be able to dedicate the majority of their time to project execution, they play a critical role in the success of a Black Belt project.  Green Belts are business process improvement enthusiasts and will support the deployment of Lean Six Sigma throughout their area.