Session Duration: Four Hours Program Overview
The goal of this four-hour session is to increase the general awareness of this methodology throughout your organization. You can utilize this training when you are in the process of fully launching Six Sigma in your firm, or want to provide the cursory knowledge of how Quality and Excellence applies to every day work.  It is all focused on how everyone should re-think the way they work everyday – identifying improvement opportunities.Who Should Attend?
Everyone who plays a part in the organization’s day-to-day operation will benefit from this brief yet insightful overview of what Six Sigma Quality means.

Over the Four-Hour Course You Will:

  • Get a concise overview of the Six Sigma methodology
  • Begin to think in terms of Quality & how it can be measured in every day work
  • Begin to understand the basic statistical principles behind the methodology

This program will show you how to:

  • Work with your organization’s Quality team and provide vital support if needed
  • Measure defects and errors in your every day work

What is Included?

  • A binder containing the training content
  • A copy of the Cartoon Guide to Statistics